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    Sayen had returned to her feet quickly, but not quickly enough that she would have been able to catch her bounty before he'd made off. Thankfully her new compatriots were on the ball. Hassim was once again seated firmly in the dirt and Anakita was now tending to the raptor. The report of the man's abuse of his mount was most distressing. She couldn't imagine mistreating her mount. He was an intelligent creature - he rode with her as one - like minded and with the same goals. Almost as if he were tapped into the Dream as well, though Sayen knew that was well-nigh impossible. Well, probably impossible.

    The sylvari strolled over to where Hassim lay in the dirt - Shrike standing over him with a sword to his neck. She stood quite close and looked from the man's terrified eyes, up the length of the sword to Shrike's intense face, then back down to the felon.

    "You know, the bounty didn't say 'dead or alive'," Sayen started thoughtfully, "but I don't think they'd really mind either way."

    Hassim's face grew even paler and he swallowed carefully, keenly aware of the trickle of blood running down his neck. He lifted his left hand slightly, fingers splayed. "H...hey now. Outlander, you are not aware of our customs..." The man let out a terrified squeal as Shrike's blade pressed in. "Of..of course. My apologies...oh wise and benevolent...raptor. There...now, you let me live, yes?" Hassim's voice shook with fear even as he gestured to Anakita. "If you want the animal take him, and blessings. He has given me nothing but trouble..." The man seemed to want to go on, but one more look at the pirate in front of him seemed to make him change his mind. "I am ready for you to take me in, Outlander. Just...get me out of here!"

    The raptor settled as Anakita approached, but continued to flinch and keep its eyes on Hassim - until the man released him. Immediately, the huge reptile relaxed. His head swung around to regard Anakita once more and he shifted to bring his body closer to her. He seemed to want something from her, but what?
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    Anakita Snakecharm

    Anakita stroked the raptor's neck, and she moved her own body closer as the raptor did so they were leaning on each other.

    "Do you want to come live with me?" Anakita asked, talking to the animal as though he were another person. "We have a nice house. There are some other raptors there. They're a lot smaller than you, but I think you could be friends."

    The Ranger's dreams of having her own mini-army of Pocket Raptors had finally come to fruition in recent months. The tiny raptors had not been particularly hard to train - though their combat applications had been limited so far, because Anakita had fretted too much about them getting hurt.

    "There's food to eat, and I promise no one will beat you. What do you think?"

    Although the creature was not capable of human speech, Anakita waited, seeming to expect an actual answer.
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    Shrike’s eye brow rose in amusement as she looked at the Sylvari out of the corner of her eye. She liked this one and if there wasn’t this gnawing feeling of guilt for thinking about it, she’d ask the Sylvari to join her on her journey. She could open up her world in ways she couldn’t imagine, but the throught that it wasn’t a good idea struck her hard and the amused look on her face faltered for just a moment.

    She withdrew her blade and looked directly at the Sylvari.

    “I don’t believe we caught your name mate.”

    She didn’t need to watch Hassim, Rinoa was doing an excellent job of it, as well as the other cats in their presence.

    Shrike finally sheathed her sword and held out a gloved hand to the Sylvari. She needed to cut this short, she had things to do and the pressing urge to get on her way. Trouble was brewing with her mother and siblings, and she needed to get off this planet.

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